MSW Decision Process

What can you expect when working with MSW Financial Partners?

For over 40 years, MSW has privately counseled each client through an informed decision process to help them achieve their most important financial goals.  Our job is to ask tough questions, design creative solutions, coordinate planning resources, secure financial instruments, and manage performance results for our clients.

The MSW Decision Process:

1. Evaluation Stage - “Listening and learning"

Before MSW starts to work on any solution we make certain we clearly understand the client’s problem.  Knowing the client’s goal is only a first step.  We need to ask the tough questions to help us understand the methods that have been tried to solve this problem in the past and what obstacles prevented success.

2. Development Stage - "Solving the problem"

In this stage we take our clear understanding of the client’s challenge and conference with our internal and national design teams.  We  work together with our client's other advisors to gather data, isolate and quantify potential additional problems, and explore solution options.

This effort combines the experienced staff of MSW Financial Partners with a diverse range of advisory specialists and product resources at NFP Advisors Services (NFP AS)*.

3. Implementation Stage - “Execute effectively"

Planning is worth little without execution.

At this stage MSW finalizes the analysis, makes recommendations and works with you to move your decisions to action.

Our development team will build the needed systems, secure the right financial products if necessary, and connect with your legal and accounting advisors to coordinate the complete financial team.

4. Management Stage - “Working the System"

In the financial world solutions don’t happen overnight.  They must be operated and managed over the long term to get results.

In this stage our key is to not only work and operate your system but to build the system in such a way that we get constant feedback both to yourself and our firm so that we can constantly adjust.


*NFP Advisor Services  is a business segment of National Financial Partners Corp. (NFP) that includes NFP subsidiaries NFP Advisor Services, LLC (NFPAS), Member FINRA/SIPC and NFP Indesuite, Inc.